• April 11, 2023


Iton Hanako Skin lift @ascenshoppe
Japan’s Anti-wrinkle beauty collagen drink for powerful EGF-lifting effect.

Taking collagen drink has been part of my anti-aging skin care regime since young. I love taking Skin Lift as it contains the highest amount of low-molecular collagen (12.000mg), and also the powerful ingredient proteoglycan, an anti-aging compound extract from salmon nasal cartilage, known for its skin restoration power in promoting the regeneration of cartilage and cells .

Before I was introduced to Skin Lift. I had tried many brands in the market, I found Skin Lift brings the best results of
✨ Firmer skin
✨ Having glowing skin the next day after drinking
✨ Improved skin moisture level.

With its high moisture retention and EGF like properties to support skin turnover, I can now capture youth for life