• October 19, 2022


One bottle a day of ITOH HANAKO Sapphire White Whitening Collagen Drink from @ascenshoppe helps me to achieve soft and supple skin 🤍

It creates ✨glowing skin✨ for a brighter-looking complexion and I am so excited to see the results after 30 days! 🤩

ITOH HANAKO Sapphire White Whitening Collagen Drink hails from Japan! 🇯🇵 Sapphire White is the newest breakthrough whitening collagen drink with 6 powerful ingredients and 5,300mg of fish collagen which will help achieve soft and supple skin. 💧

6 Key Ingredients:

1. White Tomato Extract: Evens skin tone by resolving skin dullness and preventing skin discoloration 🍅

2.5300mg Fish Collagen: Renews skin vitality and moisturizes skin for a radiant look 🐟

3. Yeast Extract with Cysteine: Reduces dark spots and promotes cell renewal to give a youthful and healthier look. 🧬

4. Broccoli Sprout Extract: Lightens the appearance of damaged skin and protects the skin from free radicals. 🥦

5. Pineapple processed powder: Creates glowing skin for a brighter look 🍍