ITOH Moromi Black Sugar Vinegar Drink (Kurozu) 720ML

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ITOH Moromi Black Sugar Vinegar Drink (Kurozu) Japanese Black Sugar, Kuro Sato, usually comes from Okinawa. It is unrefined cane sugar which contain vitamins & minerals not found in traditional white sugar. As this sugar is not heavily processed, it leaves behind trace minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium to name a few which naturally occur in sugarcane.

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ITOH Moromi Black Sugar Vinegar Drink (Kurozu)

Moromi Vinegar is the natural extract formed and obtained from the bottom of the barrel after the vinegar is made. It contains a high amount of amino and citric acid, which provides energy and in turn increases our metabolism and body’s circulation system. Our most popular Moromi Black Sugar Vinegar Drink has a unique taste profile which is different from traditional vinegar and suitable for people of all ages. It helps to promote fatigue relief, improve our digestive system, lower blood cholesterol, relief constipation, support detoxification, and beautify skin.

Main Health Benefits of Consuming Black Vinegar:

  • Help to reduce the size of fat cells for slimmer bodies.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Reduce fatigue and improve mood by providing energy through the rich concentration of citric acid.
  • Detoxify and assist to improve digestion and constipation problems.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and hypertension.

Main Function of Moromi Vinegar:

  • Contain Unrefined vinegar.
  • Improve bowel movement.
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure level.
  • Help to achieve beautiful skin.
  • Promote fatigue relief.
  • Excellent source of amino acids.

Made in Japan

Drink 50ml to 100ml of undiluted vinegar daily. Best served chilled.

Add to salads as dressing for great taste and a healthy diet.

Best kept refrigerated after opening.