• November 17, 2023


I glow with Momo No Uruoi. ❤️

Started taking the ITOH HANAKO Momo No Uruoi from @ascenshoppe recently ~ This beauty supplement contains a unique blend of Ceramide, Collagen and Elastin to replenish and plump up your skin from within!

It also has cherry blossom extract which improves overall skin health, hydrates deeply and shields the skin against environmental stressors. Its soothing properties also alleviate irritation and inflammation, while promoting even skin tone, bringing about a luminous glow.

For me, as I have dry skin, I love products that contain ceramide which really help to moisturise my skin. If you have dry skin like me, you’ve got to try this beauty supplement too!

Head over to www.ascenshoppe.com.sg to cart out now! 🛍🛒

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