• March 28, 2023

SLIMWALK Compression Medical Lymphatic Series


Improves lymph flow and blood circulation High-pressure value and slim walk “gradual pressure design” improve leg swelling by promoting venous blood circulation and lymph flow.

  • Graduated pressure design
“Gradual pressure design” where the pressure value decreases as you go up from the ankle. By gradually tightening the legs and pushing them upward, the blood that has accumulated in the lower part of the body can be easily returned to the heart, promoting lymph circulation and blood circulation, and reducing swelling.
  • Effect
・Improve leg swelling.・Improve the flow of lymph.・Promote blood circulation.
  • Mechanism of swelling
Water is constantly being exchanged between blood vessels and cells. Normally, the water that comes out of the blood vessels is reabsorbed by the blood vessels, but if this water absorption is not sufficiently performed, excess water will accumulate outside the blood vessels (between cells). increase. This condition is called “swelling”.
  • Causes of swollen feet
– Swelling can occur anywhere on the body, but is most common in the feet of bipedal humans, as water is affected by gravity. Veins are thought to be the main cause of leg swelling. The blood that flows from the heart to the legs returns to the heart through the veins, but it takes a certain amount of force for the blood to return from the feet, where gravity acts the most. What matters is the function of “muscle pump action,” the force that pushes venous blood toward the heart when the muscles and tissues in the legs move.
– When you do not move your leg muscles very much, such as when you are sitting or standing for a long time, or when you have weak muscles in the first place, this “muscle pumping action” does not work sufficiently, and blood pools in your legs more and more, and swelling becomes stronger. It’s easy.

Compression legwear (also called elastic socks and stockings) can be expected to have the effect of strengthening the muscle pump action and reducing blood seepage from blood vessels by appropriately compressing the legs. You can choose from various types according to the usage scene. 

  1. Compression for outdoor and home use – The slim walk for outdoor use and for home use is designed with a high compression value that takes into consideration the body while you are awake and living. When standing or sitting, the height difference between the heart and the legs is large, and support for blood flow returning from the bottom to the top is most needed. We recommend wearing them in the morning when you are not yet swollen.
  2. About compression when sleeping – The slim walk sleepwear uses a compression design that takes into account sleep and is designed to have a lower compression value than those for outdoor use and home use. By sleeping in a flat posture, the heart and legs are at the same height, so even a low compression value can be sufficiently effective. It has a special compression design that allows you to wear it safely and comfortably until the morning.